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page2_img1Hi there, I am miss DEBI your professional fitness diva. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you my story, share with you my journey to NOW…

I started dancing at the age of eleven; I studied ballet, tap, and jazz. I was a quick learner and by the age of 14 I had earned my first full dance scholarship. Just a short 2 years later I was awarded a full scholarship to Dupree Dance Academy. I studied on scholarship for the next 3 years; adding to my dance repertoire hip-hop, modern, contemporary/lyrical and musical theater.

I pursued a professional career; it soon came to an end when I became a mom (still my proudest moment). It was then I decided to seriously pursue a teaching career. I had found my passion, my gift, my meaning of life. I love everything about teaching, when I am teaching I am at my BEST!
Having a successful teaching career, I wanted to do more. I wanted to teach in the local school system. I wanted to give kids who might not ever know they had gift of dance the chance to try, to give kids whose parents were unable to pay the high tuition rates the chance to dance.
At the age of 31, I decided to go back to school. My family and friends were not the most supportive, they muttered things like, “it’s time to let the dance dream go”. I started at WLA Community College in 2 years I graduated and transferred to UCLA. There I majored in World Arts and Cultures: dance concentration.
My eyes were opened to the whole world of dance at college. I learned about the science of dance, dance history, dance theory, dance therapy. I learned dances of the indigenous people, dance of celebration, dance of mourning, dances of traditions, and social dances of pop culture.
After graduation, I became a dance teacher for LAUSD school system. I loved it! It was a dream come true, I was living my dream. When the budget cuts came, dance was one of the first. What to do now, my dream?

It was then I had no choice but to let IT go. I had to let go of one dream to pursue another. It was then I decided to pursue a career in fitness. It wasn’t easy, but I was determined to live my dream again, no excuses, I had to get IT in and make IT happen.

If I could leave you with these words of wisdom “a w.o.w. moment” : let IT go, whatever IT is that keeps you from being your best. Get IT in, no excuses, pursue your dream/goals with vigor and tenacity. Make IT happen, nothing just happens YOU have to make IT happen.

Let IT go, Get IT in, Make it happen! This IS my journey to NOW!

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